The White House Profit Center

Occasionally, an article or comment passes by that asks or claims that this thing or the other is a “distraction” from some other thing that President Trump or Congressional Republicans are doing, from some other really bad thing they don’t want you to notice. That may be. I don’t know.

But sometimes something comes along that is so impeachably egregious it makes my head spin. But we seem so distracted by other things. It doesn’t matter which things are the distractions; just look at today’s headlines or watch network evening news.
Paul Krugman in the New York Times very well explained the offense I want you to consider with me:

• Recently, President Trump twittered/tweeted (I hate both words) that he was lifting trade sanctions levied upon ZTE—a telecommunications company sponsored by the Peoples Republic of China—because, he suggested, he held immense compassion for Chinese workers. ZTE had been sanctioned by the United States Department of Commerce, in compliance with earlier Trump fiat, because ZTE supplied North Korea and Iran with products and services. These products and services, by the way, included technologies illegally lifted from United States based companies. The declared basis for the suddenly expired sanctions: national security.
• Almost coincident with Trump’s elimination of the trade sanctions against ZTE the Peoples Republic of China invested a half-billion dollars in a Trump Company project in Indonesia!

Bada bing! Your/our President is selling national security. He’s also protecting Chinese investors and workers. Anything he’s told you about making America great again is baloney. The White House has become a profit center for the Trump Company.

This leads to my insight for the day, the reason I wanted you to read this. The entire Trump administration is a distraction from what the Trump Company is up to. Public policy has become the side show.

What confounds me is that, even though these actions and transactions are public knowledge, nothing is happening. Every American should be shocked that our foreign policy is being sold to make money for the President.


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