The Intolerant Left?

Political views are the secular manifestation of personal and spiritual values, in other words, the very core of who a person is. I can’t imagine why I would want to spend time with someone who opposes everything I believe in or care for.

We need to surround ourselves with people that nurture what is positive. I once knew a man who was a friend until I saw him kick a dog. I have no time or patience for that kind of person. I see a man around town from time to time who physically assaulted, bruised, a woman who is a dear friend of mine. I avoid him like the plague.

I feel the same way about people who think it’s a good idea to tear children from their mothers, even nursing babies, and warehouse them in a vacant Wal-Mart. I have no time or patience for these people who seek to shred all that is decent about our society. Fuck Trump and all the Trumpateers who follow him. They’re dog kickers, baby thieves, every one.

There are those who say my position is typical of the “intolerant left.” But how do you tolerate dog kickers, wife beaters, or baby thieves? Worse, how could anyone support a president whose henchmen rip crying children from the arms of their mothers? Am I to tolerate that philosophy, that approach toward obtaining legislative bargaining chips? A couple of ICE employees have quit their jobs, or at least one that I have read about. The others, I presume, are – what – good workers? I cannot comprehend how they can do that without vomiting. How do they sleep?
It seems to me that the road to the Holocaust was paved with tolerance. That era has been described as a time when a third of the German population was willing to kill a third of the population while the remaining third did nothing. That, in such times, is the fruit of tolerance.

Tito Titus


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